What is Twist Level?

Carpets are made a lot of different ways and every aspect of the manufacturing process can give it more or less durability and strength, not to mention a softer feel. This gives you a lot of things to consider when shopping for replacement carpeting for your home. One of the things to look for when considering new carpets is its twist level.

The odds are that you have never heard of (or even considered) a carpetís twist level before and may not even know what it is. Thatís ok. Iím about to tell you exactly what twist level is.

When a carpet is made, its fibers are wrapped or twisted to give it strength and durability. How many times those fibers are twisted gives it its twist level. It is this level that tells you how good (or not so good) quality a carpet really is.

Look closely at a few samples from several different styles and grades of carpet. Youíll notice that some of them feature fibers that are twisted more than others. When determining a carpetís quality look to see how many 360 degree twists the individual fibers make in every one inch of fiber. At least four is needed for a carpet to be considered durable under most household standards. Of course the more twists, the better.

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