Carpet Stain Treatments

If there is one thing you need to know when it comes to carpet stain treatments it is that there is no such thing as a stain proof carpet! Carpets are made of fibrous materials which can –and will – stain. Of course there are things you can use to prevent stains as much as possible, but that doesn’t mean that your carpet will never get dirty or every spill will come off quickly and easily. If you are a parent or a pet owner, you’ve likely learned the hard way that some stains are there forevermore.

Still, if you are determined to protect your carpets from hapless spills and other disasters, than read on. We’re going to go over some of the most common carpet stain treatments available to today’s consumer in the hopes that we can help you save at least some of your carpeting from unsightly disaster.

First of all, be careful which carpet padding use choose for lying beneath your subfloor and carpet. Believe it or not, the type and quality of padding you lay beneath your carpet can go a long way to preventing staining. Frothed foam pad is best and can help prevent simple spills from seeping through the carpet fibers.

Carpet backing materials can also help to prevent deep seeded stains, especially those coming from the subfloor. Be sure to always buy top quality pads and backing to ensure that your carpet will clean up easily.

One of the most common carpet stain prevention treatments available to consumers is Stainmaster, which is added to carpet fibers during the manufacturing process. A chemical which keeps stains from setting, Stainmaster has been proven to prolong the life of carpet by many years, keeping smaller stains at bay.

While this important pre-treating chemical is important to keep stains from setting into carpet fibers, getting spills up quickly is also important. With so many different sprays and foams available to treat everything from minor mud stains to major wine spills, you may wonder which is best. The truth is almost any over-the-counter carpet stain treatment will work for the average household stain, but most experts agree that a simple solution of water and dish soap works best. The key to removing any type of carpet stain is patience and persistence. Avoid saturating the carpet fibers with any type of solution or water and be sure to dab at the stain continuously until all remnants of the satin are removed. This can take anywhere from five minutes to several hours. Following up with a good quality steam cleaning is also a good idea.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider when choosing one of the many carpet stain treatments available on the market today. The best thing to do when picking one to remove your carpet stains is to:

  • check the manufactures recommendations for stain treatments
  • be sure that the chemical you use won’t void your carpet’s warranty
  • see what treatments work best for certain types of stains
  • practice prevention. After all, every stain is difficult to remove, so trying to avoid them in the first place should be your best tactic.

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