Shaw Carpet

Deciding which carpet to purchase sometimes can be a tough job. Fortunately Shaw Industries, Inc. has made that a little easier on you. Because they specialize is commercial industries as well as carpet for the home use, Shaw Carpet is ideal for anyone not knowing what they might want. Whether you are looking for a carpet to entertain your friends on, or looking for a piece of carpet for your business that will truly stand out among all the rest, Shaw will bring it all to you with their fabulous pieces of handy-work.

One of the things that makes Shaw Carpet stand out from all the rest is the type of carpet that they have and the amount of it that they have to choose from. Shaw's very own trademark Shawmark material is another reason to check out Shaw with everything else that they have on hand. Within the Shawmark section itself, there are twenty different carpets that are available to consumers. But if you don't want to try their own signature carpet, there are plenty of other styles to choose from. Shaw has a plethora of options to choose from for carpet choices. There is the Kathy Ireland collection, Philadelphia Mainstreet collection as well as the Queen Mainstreet collection. Among all their collections, however, there is plenty of color to go around too. Shaw provides a colorful selection all across the rainbow spectrum, from reds and oranges all the way down to beiges and violet colors.

Another thing that makes Shaw Carpet stand out is that most of their carpet is considered to be made out of one hundred percent nylon. In fact, over 75% of their carpet that they produce is composed of 100% nylon, which not only makes for a comfortable carpet, but also provides you with the knowledge that Shaw knows exactly what it is doing. However, Shaw not only produces carpets for anyone that needs them but also provides other types of flooring as well. There are area rugs to choose from, ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, or even laminate. Chances are that there is definitely something within Shaw Carpets to help you choose which carpet or floor is right for you!

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