How to repair frayed carpet seams.

Once you’ve had your carpet awhile you’ll begin to notice a few fuzzies and frays here and there. Like a worn in sweater, fraying is inevitable, especially at the seams which match the carpet to other types of flooring. When this happens you can easily fix that worn in look by attaching a carpet bar to keep your carpet from pulling up and fraying further. Here’s how in several simple steps:

Step # 1: Begin by manually cutting (with good quality scissors) the frayed edges to match the height of the rest of your carpet

Step # 2: measure the space in which the carpet bar will go

Step # 3: Cut the carpet bar to size

Step # 4: Nail it to the area where the fraying occurred

Step # 5: Double check to make sure all of the frayed ends are held tightly beneath the carpet bars and no nails are sticking up, which can hurt sensitive feet.

See how easy it was to handle those frayed seams and prevent further damage to your carpeting?

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