How to Restretch Carpet

One of the best ways to prolong the life of your carpet is to restretch it when it begins to loosen around baseboards and wrinkle. But is that a job a novice can handle on their own? It sure is. Of course youíll need to borrow or rent a few tools. But with these handy tips, itís a job just about anyone can handle.

The first step to restretching a worn carpet is to pull it up and pull out the tack strip on three sides. Use a pair of pliers to get it started, then finish up by pulling with your hands. Be sure to keep the tack strip in place on one complete side. Youíll need it later.

Next, take out the tacks in the padding to prevent it from ripping, and then pull up the padding along with the carpet.

Replace the old tack strip with a new one. Be sure to follow the directions on the package to ensure a proper fit.

Next, staple the padding back into place using staples about every 2-3 inches.

Finally, you are ready to begin stretching your carpet. Youíll knee a power stretcher and kick bar for this part of the job. You can rent one at your local rental shop or home improvement store. If youíve never used one before ask the salesperson to show you how before bringing it home.

While it is possible to do this job alone, a second pair of hands is always helpful so see if you can get a friend or your spouse to help out.

Beginning at the center wall where the tack strip is still down, begin stretching the carpet in 18 inch sections. Move across the room, then begin on the other side until the entire carpet has been stretched. Remember to stretch than hook the carpet onto the tack strip as you go.

Stretching the sides requires coming out about a foot from the wall, repeating the same basic movements as before. Use the knee kicker for hard to reach places around doors, cabinets and other obstacles.

Finally, run the carpet cutter along the sides, cutting off the excess. Once the job is complete, youíll be amazed at new and smooth your carpet looks.

Gone will be those wrinkles and other signs of age and wear.

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