How to repair/patch carpet.

Sooner or later itís bound to happen. Someone spills something. The dog pees (or worse), or someone drops a cigarette or hot iron on your carpet. Suddenly youíre left with a stain or damage that you canít live with. You may want to replace the entire carpet, but who has the money to handle that expense these days? Thankfully, you donít have to. It is possible to replace a small section of carpet yourself without anyone being the wider. Hereís how to do it:

Step # 1: Find a matching patch. Finding a matching piece of carpet (especially one that was installed years ago) can be tough, but if you are lucky enough to locate one Ė or were smart enough to stash those extra pieces when it was first installed Ė than you are ready to get to work making your room look like new again.

Step # 2: Cut out the damaged area. Begin by taking a small knife and carefully cutting out the section of carpeting to be replaced.

Step # 3: Measure your new piece. Be sure to carefully measure your new piece so that it fits exactly where the damaged piece came from.

Step # 4: Use carpet tape to install. Most carpet manufactures sell a certain type of carpet tape for this exact purpose. Simply lay it underneath the new piece and iron it on. It will bond the new and old together if done properly. Be careful though (you may even want to practice on a spare piece of carpeting) since getting the fibers too hot can burn or melt them, making your room look worse than before you started.

As you can see, repairing a stained piece of carpet isnít hard, but it does take some practice and patience. In the event you donít think you can handle the job on your own, call in reinforcements. There are plenty of professionals who have the experience to replace that stained piece of carpet without anyone ever noticing!

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