Mohawk Carpet

With Mohawk Carpet's slogan, "Mohawk makes the room," you would tend to think that Mohawk is the brand and style to go with. They certainly to have an exceptional product, however, offering consumers (households and businesses alike) the chance to place a quality type of carpet within their building. In fact, Mohawk stands behind their carpets so much that they will even give you a twenty year warranty on stain resistance, fade resistance issues with carpets, an anti-static warranty and policy, and a twenty year normal wear and tear warranty and policy. If anyone trusts in their product so much as to give you plenty of warranties to go home with, it definitely is Mohawk!

Mohawk Carpet puts plenty of fibers and plenty of types of fibers within their individual carpets to make them not only look unique, but also place beauty into the room that you are ordering carpet for. These fibers will also provide extra strength for the carpet, adding to its durability throughout its lifetime. Some of the types of fibers that they use are nylon, polyester, polypropylene (which is also known as Olefin), and wool. Mohawk also uses different textures within each other the fibers. For example, you can buy carpet with a textured plush style that will hide footprints and vacuuming marks, a saxony type of carpet that would look elegant and fantastic in any house, berber loop carpet that will give you that homey feel, as well as a berber cut style that will also add a comfy style to your home. Mohawk even offers a commercial style carpet that would be perfect for any business or building.

Mohawk will even help you out with the care of your carpet, offering to come into your place and install it for you. You can even purchase a Mohawk Stain Removal kit that will help you effortlessly and easily clean up those nasty spills and stains that might result from a food or drink spill. Altogether, when it comes to Mohawk Carpet, there is definitely something for everyone and should be given a chance to prove itself for whatever needs you have for your own specific carpet!

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