Milliken Carpet

Throughout Europe and Asia and all across the Middle East and Africa, not forgetting the United States, Milliken carries its carpet all across the globe wherever they think that they will be able to reach consumers. They have certainly done an excellent job with more than an abundance of store and producer locations of Milliken Carpet worldwide.

It is safe to say that Milliken is one of the oldest, if not the absolute oldest, manufacturer and leader of the textile industry. They have been around since 1865, and they have certainly perfected their product over and over again to not only please their customers, but to produce a highly sophisticated product that is not easily turned down. Milliken trusts in their product so much that all of their carpets (and not just specific types) come backed with a ten year wear and tear warranty.

When it comes to their carpet, Milliken certainly does know best. They not only have over two-thousand styles and types of carpet, but they will make it for any purpose whatsoever. They produce carpet for residential neighborhoods, high-scale hotels like the Hilton or others, and other commercial uses, no matter how large or how small. You name it and Milliken will make it. It doesn't matter whether you would like polka-dots or zigzags on your carpet, or even if you just want a plain solid color to put in your living room, because Milliken will give you a hand in picking out what is right for you! With their expertise and experience within the carpet industry, you certainly will not go wrong!

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