Masland Carpet

Since 1866, Masland has been providing quality service to its customers through the carpet industry. Also since then, over 1000 Masland authenticated retailers have been built all across the United States. Perhaps the reason that Masland wins over other leading brands of carpet is because they are devoted to their customers. Once you buy a product, carpet or rug, from Masland, they will not only give you excellent service along the way but also follow up with you after you have received your carpet.

Masland does specialize in carpets and area rugs, and has the best of both worlds for those who want to order from them. This company has over 50 types and styles of carpets for consumers to choose from. Whether you want a striped carpet, modern style carpet or area rug, or even a type of carpet suited for your individual needs, Masland will do its best to provide you with superior carpet. Furthermore, another interesting fact about Masland is that they have been certified as one of the Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP). They produce their carpet cushions from different carpet wastes that usually end up in the garbage. They take those pieces of carpet and recycle and re-use them to produce highly effective carpet cushions. Masland has essentially waged a war on waste with their recycling programs, encouraging their employees to do the same.

Masland Carpets and Rugs’ headquarters is located in Pennsylvania, but as mentioned, they have many many retailers all across the United States. They also give their customers rug and carpet warranties so long as normal use continues on them. Masland strives to be the best at giving their customers excellent service no matter what the issue is. Their work on carpets and rugs definitely is what people want, considering the amount of retailers and suppliers there are within the United States alone. They have been a great asset to the carpet industry since they have been founded in 1866 and they will continue to do the same so long as they continue producing beautiful, high quality carpets and rugs for their customers!

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