Karastan Carpets

If you desire a type of carpet that will give you not only quality carpet for your money, but also the peace of mind that you are obtaining it from the right company, Karastan should be among one of your top choices. Not only are they the largest producer of wool carpet within the United States, but they also do give you a good value for your money. You can be assured that your money is being well spent.

There are a couple reasons why Karastan is among the top performers in wool carpet. The first reason is the type of wool that they use to produce their carpets. Karastan claims to use the finest of all the wool in New Zealand and uses it to make high quality carpet. Their wool not only is easy to clean, but it is also non allergenic, naturally fire safe (which means that their carpets are difficult to ignite), static resistant, and strong and durable. Another reason why Karastan does so well is because they use fabulous and strong cushions underneath their carpets so that their customers will get the maximum use throughout the lifetime of their carpet. Karastanís floor cushions, KaraStep, not only are noise suppressant, but they will also give you extra support for yourself and your carpet. Both of their cushions, the Luxe and the Ultra Karastep, present a good value for your money.

Karastan also offer beautiful piece rugs for your living room or bedroom in addition to carpet that you can obtain from them. Their rugs also are of the utmost quality just as their carpets are. You can find their beautiful rugs either as a solid color or you can request a beautifully made design on it as well. Altogether, Karastanís woven carpets and rugs are one of the best wool rugs in the industry and should definitely be given a chance to prove themselves!

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