What is Face Weight?

There are a lot of things to consider when buying new carpet. Knowing how to choose the best quality carpet for the money you have available depends on several factors, one of which is its face weight. But, what is face weight? Simply put, it is the number of ounces found in every square foot of carpeting. The more weight of the carpet fibers, the heavier and more durable it will be.

One warning here that many consumers may not realize: avoid eyeballing a carpet sample for face weight. Itís never a good idea to rely simply on looking at a carpet to determine its face weight. Some manufacturers are actually known to fluff up the fibers in their products to make it look heavier. These fluffed up loops will soon flatten, leaving the consumer with a hard, flat and less durable carpet in their home than they thought they were buying. Be sure to ask your dealer what the actual weight of the carpet is to determine if it is heavy enough to meet your needs.

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