How to Fix Crush Marks in your Carpet.

You’ve decided to buy new furniture, or just rearrange what you already have for a fresh new look. The problem is that once you move your furniture you notice indentions all around the room where the legs have crushed your rug into small matted messes everywhere you look. You’ve left your furniture in place so long that it has left indentations on your carpet. First you panic, have you ruined your rug? Then you start strategizing. There ahs to be a way to spruce up your rug. After all, the carpet beneath your furniture has been lovingly preserved form the light and your family for awhile, so you want to show it off (and hide the other areas that have stained). But, you’ve done everything you can think of to fix those crush marks, and nothing seems to help. Is there anything to be done to fix this very visible malady? Of course there is!

Most crush marks can be fixed, with a little patience and persistence. Remember, it took time to make those unsightly crush marks in your carpet, and it will likely take a little time to get rid of them! Here are a few things to try to replenish the soft plush look of your carpet:

  • Vacuum often. Furniture can crush the fibers of your carpet and repeated vacuuming is one of the bets ways to spruce it up
  • Use a grooming tool or coin to fluff up those fibers and try and undent the padding underneath. This can take several tries to see any results at all.
  • Place a damp towel over the part of the rug that us crushed, and then iron over it with a hot iron. Be sure never to touch the surface of the iron to the rug itself since this can burn it.
  • Ice Cubes. Place ice cubes on the crush marks and wait until they are fully melted. Often this alone will fix crushing. Don't forget to clean up the water!
  • Practice prevention. Of course preventing problems before they happen is always your bets course of action. Moving furniture often, before it has a chance to crush your carpet fiber (and the padding underneath), as well as using furniture sliders can save you a lot of time later on trying to fix those crush marks before anyone has a chance to notice them.

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