What are the different types of carpet backing?

There are a lot of things to consider when purchasing new carpeting, but what about carpet backings? Are they really all that important? Yes, say the experts. It is the backing that gives every carpet its shape, stability and protection.

With so many different styles of carpet backing available these days, knowing which one is best can be difficult. Made form everything from all-natural fibers to polyurethane, choosing form the many different styles of carpet backing can be confusing at best.

Before you can choose the right backing material for your home and carpet, you first need to learn a little about the two main components of carpet backing and how they work. The first is the primary backing, a course material woven throughout the fibers which helps form the carpetís structure.

Next is the secondary backing which helps to protect the carpet from moisture, bacteria and molds that may actually seep up through the subfloor.

When choosing both your primary and secondary backing there is a lot to consider. Here are a few things to think about when making your choice:

  • The materials it is made from. Recycling is becoming big business in the carpet industry. Choosing backing materials that have been made using recycled materials isnít just good for the environment; itís great for your wallet.
  • Unlike carpet padding, which is designed to insulate your floors, carpet backing is made to help protect them. So, regardless of the carpet padding you may choose, you will still need a good structured backing.
  • Carpet backing is the most efficient way to reduce noise in a home. A recent study conducted by the American Society of Interior Designers estimates that a carpet with a quality backing can reduce interior noise by more than 10%. Thatís great news for people living in combined households, townhomes and even houses with small children, pets and teenagers!
  • Polyurethane has been found to be the most efficient carpet backing available today. Used mainly in commercial rugs, it is now being offered more and more in residential carpeting use to its structural soundness and integrity.

Now that you know the benefits of a good carpet backing, be sure to make it a high priority item when ordering that new wall-to-wall for your home.

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