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What You Need To Know

Correctly chosen and installed carpeting should last for upwards of 20 years, and should provide your desired comfort and value. Some carpets and fibers are now maunfactured with the environment in mind, and can even be recycled. Carpet pad is also often recycled. Carpet, can help keep your feet warm in the winter, and when kept clean can even help with allergies if the right fiber is chosen. Most carpet is manufactured in Georgia, and may help create more jobs than a foreign tile or hardwood!

Durability, price, stain resistance, insulation ability, air quality, sound reduction, and many more factors can make a new flooring decision difficult. At carpet.org, you can information on these carpeting attributes to make your decision an educated one.

As you can see, your carpet choice is important and a long-term decision - so research your options here and choose carefully! Don't forget that installation by a non-certified installer can void your warranty!

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